The Lodge and Kitchen

Base Lodge


Prospect Mountain’s lodge has been a fixture for years, a rustic place to warm up and catch your breath. Over the years it has become like a second home, and been decorated by memorabilia and pictures.


Our Kitchen will have new staff this season, and are looking forward to see what new delights they will bring us. We will continue to have drinks and will be prepared to serve a filling lunch on busy days.

New additions:

A water station fit to accommodate water bottles!
Fresh pesto made from local ingredients, can be added to burgers and sandwiches!
Weddings and Lodge Rental
The beautiful, rustic Prospect lodge is available for rent for weddings and other functions. Seating for 75 people inside. Additional tents, seating, and tables can be brought by the event hosts and added outside. An industrial grade kitchen is available for use, catering can also be arranged. Plenty of parking and restrooms.

Questions? Call Dave Newell at 802-688-7807

Enjoy a meal or warm up in the lodge!