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Season Passes for Winter 2020-2021

Please select the most appropriate option bellow. Or, download the Season Pass form for 2020-2021. If you’re interested in joining the Bill Koch League Youth Ski Club check out their website or contact the Prospect Mountain BKL Ski Club Chair at

2020-21 Discounts for November!

Adult Season Pass$220 $215

Ages 18-64 at year-end

Junior/Senior Season Pass$190 $186

17 and under/65 and over at year-end

Couples Season Pass$370 $364

Ages 18-64 at year-end

Senior Couple Season Pass$335 $330

Ages 65 and over at year-end

Family Season Pass$570 $562

Single-household families

Team Season Pass$155 $152

Season Pass for local team members. Passes or tickets must be purchased for days when team members ski outside of scheduled practices and races.