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Racing Returns to Prospect This Weekend with the NENSA Vermont Cup!

The New England Nordic Ski Association has selected Prospect Mountain to host two classic technique races on Saturday and Sunday January 23rd and 24th. Prospect will remain open for recreational skiing all weekend.

The races will involve about 100 skiers each day. Racers will start at 30 second intervals with time between groups. No spectators will be on site. All racers are VT residents. Races begin at 10am and will finish at about 3 PM.

Saturday is a sprint competition that will take place in the area around the lodge and base of the mountain and will not interfere with skiing on most of our trails. Sunday’s race is longer, and will involve more trails including Woodpecker, Boomerang, Whistlepig, Workout, and 1/3 among others. We will have signs up reminding skiers to look out for the racers and not to skate over the classic tracks, and course marshals helping to direct traffic. All trails over at the Greenwood Lodge will be open and not involved in the competition.

It should be a great weekend for all! The conditions are excellent!

Steve and Al are ready to welcome everyone to the mountain for some fun. All we need is some snow, soon!

If you ordered a T-Bar and have not yet received it contact Dave Newell to arrange to pick it up: 802-688-7807 or info@prospectmountain.com

Many thanks to the 20+ volunteers who came on Saturday September 26th to get us ready for the season.

2020-2021 Season COVID-19 Updates

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Work Updates for 2020

To all Friends of Prospect:

On behalf of the Prospect board and staff, please accept out sincere thanks for the great support and enthusiasm all of you provided for us this year. It was certainly a challenging season weather-wise. However, Steve and our talented crew did a fabulous job keeping us going. We will sorely miss Elsie next year who is off to graduate school to pursue a doctorate in Philosophy.

PMA Directors

Download the Proposal for the “Greening” of Prospect Mountain. Thank you to the Environmental Studies students of Williams College for their hard work.

Prospect Mountain Snowmaking Report (2020)

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